Sustainable Clothing

Here at Valley Hemp in Penticton and Oliver BC, we support conscious consumerism. Traditional fabric manufacturing is one of the most toxic processes on the globe. Many of the chemicals used in old industry, are epigenetic, or make changes to us at a genetic level that are heritable to our children. Hemp is the super star of eco-fabrics. As a natural fibre, hemp requires no pesticides, little weeding and is a fast-growing crop. Hemp produces a strong natural fibre and enriches the soil it grows in. Hemp clothing wears well, is warm in the winter and cool in the summer, protecting us naturally from UV rays. Many of our blends include organic cotton, bamboo and soy that are, pesticide free and natural, causing no harm to us or the planet.

Our sustainable clothing brands include:

Nomads Hempwear & Efforts Wear Menswear


Earthly Body

Earthly Body is hemp based personal body care, THC and psychoactive free, and leaping bunny certified. Hemp seed oil is high in Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids and consistently holds a high moisture content to help repair and soften dry, damaged skin. We offer daily moisturizers, massage oil, and a great selection of healthy shampoos and conditioners. Ask us about our Earthly Body Miracle Oil – a blend of 100% natural Tea Tree Oil, Hemp Seed Oil and Vitamin E.


The Hempz brand is an industry favorite, producing several choices in hair and skin care, sunscreens and tanning lotions. Come in to the shop and chat with our customer friendly staff about the natural health benefits of nutrient rich hemp seed oil products and try a tester of our lotions!

North American Hemp Company

We carry the North American Hemp Company product line. Try the deep hair treatment oil or hair serum to renew sun damaged or dry hair. Hemp is nature’s most nutritious oil, translating into vibrant, healthy looking skin. Infused with a high concentration of 100% organic Canadian hemp seed oil, this line of health care lotions, creams and oils are available in both of our locations in Penticton and Oliver.


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